This is the latest picture of what's going on. I painted the ceiling and upper moulding mayonnaise white and finished painting the wall, chair rail and beadboard spa blue. I didn't paint the chair rail white because there's already so much going on, it just needed to disappear instead of pop out like a giant white stripe.

We still have to caulk the baseboard and apply the shoe moulding. Then...paint. Luckily I'm nearly a professional painter. We also have to put some trim in the corner to hide the gaps. And then...paint!

I need to buy some new clothes. I look like a Jackson Pollock most of the time. Just don't delve into my provenance.


Cameron Blazer said...

The colors look fantastic. And I think you should carefully consider leaving the blue wall blank so that visitors can fully appreciate the glory of that coved outlet cutout.

MuseBootsi said...

At some point I have to put the kitchen table back in the kitchen. Which means the kids and their dirty, greasy fingerprints will be back too. I am not looking forward to that day.
If I could, I would keep it empty. The better to see the outlet and the pristine walls. Stinkin' small house.

Laura said...

I always paint the moldings before I put them up. Then I don't have to worry about clean lines. After nailing them/gluing them/beating them into submission, I just do the touch up work. I promise it is much easier!

MuseBootsi said...

I prepainted the mouldings. We had to screw the chair rail in because the house is 83 years old and has been repaired by drunken lemurs. So that, added to the caulking had me repainting the whole thing. But no matter, it was all one color! Although I am a master painter now.