You take the good, you take the bad

I'm having trouble picking something to replace the yellow in my Facts of Life kitchen. Here are some photo palettes I found at Sherwin Williams. Also? The walls are blue and coral with creamy white trim. The moulding isn't blue. It's just to get an idea about color. I needed to see the color in a different room with the other colors together. It's more like the way it is in my house.

Above: Parakeet

Relentless Olive.
Resort Tan. (John's Favorite).
Lime Rickey.
Easy Green.

I like parakeet. Maybe I need to step away for a bit. And have a lime rickey.


Cameron Blazer said...

I like Parakeet & Tan the best. (Slight edge for tan, but don't tell John, or he'll get a big head.)

Laura said...

I like the lighter colors. I know that room is small and you have a ton of bright in there, the darker makes it look smaller...IMHO

Deborah Graff said...

I think I like the Olive best. But I could live with any of them. You know, if you added a murphy bed at one end. So I could live there. Just in case. Never mind.