Chocolate Cake Island

My mom told me that she used to have a portable dishwasher with a butcherblock top that she used like an island. I thought it was possible to convert ours. If you squint, you can see the top of our dishwasher has a weird gray formica top. Which we topped with a cutting board. (I would've taken a before picture, but I heard machinery and went to the backyard to discover the top was removed for measuring). I was using it as a prep station before we got our giant cabinet. Maybe now Rachel Ray's recipes will actually take 30 minutes.

We've had this table forever. We found it on the street when we first moved here. Solid oak table. Round. A little too big for our kitchen so we cut it down. When I found a new table at the thrift store, (Heywood-Wakefield, dream come true), I put the top in the garage for future use.
And a coat of food safe oil...
 And I get my very own butcher block island. I'm so glad I don't have to pay John. Wait...I made him a chocolate cake. Small price to pay.


Cameron Blazer said...

Your weekend IKEA find + this awesome retro fit are making me very happy. Jealous, but very happy. You've earned this rockin' kitchen, lady.

Deborah Graff said...

You two are an unstoppable team.

Now I know where "my" chocolate cake went. I guess I need to make you a dishwasher island to get one.

I'll get right on it.