What do you do all day?

I build Lego objects for a 3 year old. Today he requested a boat for that pirate figurine. On the boat, behind the mast is Pirate Pingu. I had to make him because the first penguin I made was dubbed Pingu's mom. I was then instructed to build another penguin, Pingu. So he ended up with an eyepatch.

We need more legos. I think I'm gonna try buying bulk legos on ebay.


Jason said...

I'm glad to have played some small part in encouraging you to develop this talent. We still remember when you made the first Lego toilet we'd ever seen.

MuseBootsi said...

Don't think I wasn't thinking about those days as I built a pirate penguin!

Alec LaBau said...

I was going to Comment about the toilet but clearly Jason beat me too it. Happy Building