Like a s'more you can take a shower with.

We cleaned out our fireplace this weekend, the first time in four years. After we had babies, we shoved a furni pad into the chimney. Since our house is older than Jesus, we don't have a damper and when the winds picked up stuff blew into our living room. And that did not work with crawling babies.

So our Sunday project was to get the fireplace going. We went to Home Depot and bought a new fireplace screen. And John swept out the fireplace and removed the furni pad. Which only had a thin layer of soot on it.

After John got a fire started Hartwell exclaimed,"This is like camping!"

So we made s'mores. But like, lazy s'mores. With marshmallows and milano cookies.

After roasting the marshmallows and placing it between the cookies, the boys just ate the cookies and left the roasted marshmallows on the cutting board.

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