How 'bout a drink for my friend Scarfy here?

I finished the scarf! I had planned to add green yarn and have 4 strands, but I got bored. And it would be done with 3 strands so why make a fourth?

Even though I tried, the 3 I-cords did not come out the same length. I accidentally made the second one a lot longer and then the third was made with leftover white yarn so it's as long as it can be. Which was short.

For the ends I kind of looped a knot and then wove the ends through. Not very scientific. I just worked until it was secure. That's why they look a little off.

Onto my next project which involves circular needles. Just trying to see what comes out of that.

And I need to get some new video tapes. Or I could just watch My Cousin Vinny again. Or maybe Die Hard. It's more Christmas-ie.

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