Recipe Gift Tags!

I made these recipe gift tags to go with the gift I made for everyone this year. I happen to have a lot of muslin lying around so i used that instead of paper.

I cut two pieces of muslin to 5x3 inches. Then marked 1/2" in from the top two corners. That makes a nice faux shipping tag.

For the next step, I found a recipe that I loved and printed it on iron on transfer paper. Don't forget to mirror image it! Totally sucks.

I also made a little "from" iron-on. I planned on writing the "to" in Sharpie.

I then just zig-zag stitched the two pieces of muslin together. And since I didn't feel like winding a matching bobbin, I found a green one to go with my red top thread. To laziness!

Speaking of laziness, I liked how the tags looked with the small threads hanging off. Since I made a bunch, it was nice to just trim the threads and move on. If you like blog...

You can see in the above photos that I punched a small hole in the tag. I have a super small hole puncher that worked pretty well for this. I wish I could tell you if a normal sized guy worked.

After you punch the hole, cut two small circles out of felt or fabric. Mine are 3/4" in diameter, which is a little too big. I just free handed one and then used that one as the pattern.
Punch holes!
Tacky glue to tag!
Thread the tag with some string!
And super cute recipe gift tag!

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Deborah Graff said...

Ridiculously cute! And functional! I used the mystery ingredient last night. Thanks again!