Vanilla Ice: Part I Bottles

This year John and I decided to make everyone vanilla extract! Inspired by our love of makin' stuff and limited funds. After researching recipes and beans and vodka I started researching bottles. The thing that takes up most of our budget. I found tons of sites with crazy cheap bottles, but the shipping was as much as the bottles. 

One day as we perused the 99 Cents Only store for Halloween decorations, I found these:
That's right, $1 bottles of wine. 8 ounces. Exactly what I wanted. Except the chintzy caps, those would have to go. I found corks at Michaels. Which I measured for with the wine I kept in my purse. I was lookin' classy that day, unscrewing a bottle of wine in Aisle 10 of the Michaels. 

Once that was settled, I had to clean the bottles:
And clip off the annoying safety seal:
 And then I had 24 lovely clean bottles! And all I had to do was look like a lush on the go at the 99 Cents only store...and the Michaels.

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