Little Pink Cabinets

I spent a good part of yesterday scrubbing the muck off of my blue dishes.  They used to reside on a shelf above a ventless stove. So all that grease collected on their exteriors. I used 3.5 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, turning them black in the process. But, look! Lovely!

I also got to give Buddha a bath and then have this conversation:
Hartwell: Mom, who's that guy?
Me: What guy?
Hartwell: THAT guy!
Me: Buddha.
Hartwell: Where did you get him?
Me: Gramma Janice got him for me in Thailand
Hartwell: PIE-land??!!
Me (laughing): What's Pieland?
Hartwell: It's a place with pies and NO restaurants.

Here's a pic with all the colors together:
P.S. I like you just fine, but I'm not cleaning my kitchen for one photo.

And here's the before:

Transformation Thursday


Jennifer said...

1. Michael once called the Buddha "Hubba Bubba"

2. I like YOU just fine, I just wanted the couch to myself.

MuseBootsi said...

1. He sounds delicious.
2. Krelbow.

altadenahiker said...

Hartwell is brilliant. And so is your kitchen. (As inventions go, I put the magic erasers up there with the wheel.)

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

I love your colorful kitchen!