Holey Sugar Skull!

My friend asked me to make the raffle ticket box to go with the DIY Christmas ornament kit I made for the raffle. I said, "Sure," while the intersect searched for what a raffle ticket box looked like. Then she said, "You're probably gonna do something really cute."

"Well, I am now!"

So I bought a box at a thrift store and cut the top edge down to make it shorter. Then flipped through my book Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart, found the sugar skull pattern and began poking holes in the box with a thumbtack. The box had a lot of layers, including a glue layer.

Embroidering paper was a lot easier than I thought. Like when I messed up, I just pulled out the stitches. And it doesn't ruin the fabric. Because the holes are already there! Maybe I won't do lazy daisies again, but otherwise, good times.

After I finished embroidering, I had to make it a ticket receptacle. The ticket slot is a little crooked and I accidentally sliced the top while cutting it out. And don't get me started on the inside!
I heard people liked it more than the kit I was raffling!  

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