In a pickle.

John and I have been taking the boys to the farmers market every Saturday. It's full of deliciousness and next to a playground, fun for everyone!

I used to walk through a farmers market and look at stuff and not really buy anything. Or we'd buy food that we ate as we walked. But for some reason I have been actually buying stuff and taking it home and making stuff with it. It's weird!

First, it was an apple chutney. Do yourself a favor, make this and then thank me. And bring me a slice of whatever you make with it.

Next, I found pickling cucumbers and sliced them and made refrigerator pickles. My grandma made some once and I remember instantly going from pickle hater to pickle lover. Have you had refrigerator pickles? Lord, they're good.

Next up? Pickled jalapenos. John mentioned he wanted to make some but was intimidated by the canning portion of the recipe. Luckily for him, I've been reading about canning lately and feel like a genius!

So I donned some gloves and sliced away! I chose this recipe from Purple Foodie because of the pretty pictures and the pink peppercorns. I'm a sucker for color!

We made one jar that went straight into the fridge, think crunchy fresh, and a bunch that will marinate until Christmas.  (Act surprised!) John has already eaten two jars and I get the feeling he's pacing himself.

I've found a bunch of other recipes I want to try. Including a strawberry jam and an infused vodka. My winter is going to be delicious.

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Deborah Graff said...

It was lovely being your friend when you were sewing a lot, and now it's delicious being your friend when you're cooking a lot! Yum!!