Friday, October 7, 2011

When life hands someone lemons...

make them peanut butter cookies!

I threw a batch of these together for a friend who once told me her favorite cookies were peanut butter flavored. And because peanut butter cookies don't work with natural peanut butters, I got to buy Jif.  (I'm a choosy mom). That stuff is delicious! I got a little on my finger and it was like eating peanut butter frosting! It made me rethink my anti-peanut butter stance. Which is similar to my anti-banana stance. Stop putting it in everything!

Not surprisingly, I'm also against the fork criss-cross thing that usually happens on a peanut butter cookie. I've always just used a juice glass to press them flat.  That was before my mom bought me this awesome cookie stamp.
Which is especially perfect if your friend is also Norwegian*.

*She's about 8 times more Norwegian than me.


Bellis said...

I know who got those cookies! And did Phoebe's owner also get to eat some? How kind of you.

MuseBootsi said...

Phoebe's so sweet I'm sure she left some for her owner!

Petrea Burchard said...

Courtney, I think we passed each other after your cookie drop-off the other day. I'll have you know nobody offered me any cookies.

altadenahiker said...

Kind, indeed. And the Viking ship did wonders for us. Oh yes, we remembered, we're tough and strong.

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