Backsplash to the Future!

This last weekend, my mom came out for a visit and I was finally able to go shopping for my kitchen! I got the Ikea birch counter tops and a white apron front sink. They are resting in a corner waiting for John and I to have time to put them in.

Then my mom wanted to go tile shopping. Since I'm installing a new sink and new countertops, my mom thought I should look at backsplashes! But I think she really wanted to look at tile for her own kitchen...

I found the one above at a fancy tile shop. Around $24/sqft. Yikes!

I found this at Home Depot for $7/sqft:
There is a slight difference but not a $17 difference!

I also thought maybe white penny tiles would be cool:
These are from modwalls in marshmallow.

John wasn't a fan, but I like how it's both vintage and modern. 

He wanted something with color. 'Cause you know what my kitchen is lacking? Color.
 So, while looking for some color for the backsplash, I found this:


To get a good chevron pattern, I'd need a tile that was more than twice as long as it was wide. So like a 2" x 6". Try finding those in more than one color. (I did find them, for $40/sqft!)

But! Don't give up hope! I found these!
Individually, they look like this:
 John thought they looked too "Grecian," but they also had yellow!
It may be too much color, but it's worth a shot. It would be so fresh and fun to have a sunny backsplash!

What do you think? Should I stick with white and add pattern? Or go with color?

John's been sick and refuses to talk tile, so I'd love any input you have!!


Unknown said...

I think the yellow is too much with all the other colors in the room. Is there a way to add some yellow without it being so much? And for the record the tile shopping was for your backsplash but then when I saw how much FABULOUS tile they had I had to keep looking.


Anonymous said...

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Inspired By Felicity said...

Just noticed your chalkboard wall - I love it! Not a big fan of yellow, but I love the green tile floor you found.


my honest answer said...

I like the home depot tiles. And I like the price too!

altadenahiker said...

The door/cat photo is wonderful. Frame it.

thistlewoodfarm said...

Okay....those tiles from home depot are my pick!!!! I love the color....could you pick a fun grout color? Just a thought.

Have an awesome day!