Bags of Kisses and Hugs!

Something you should know about me. Laziness is the mother of my creativity. Valentine's day is a big deal around here. It's also Hartwell's birthday. Which means on top of putting together 50 kinder and pre-school valentines, I have to bake a cake and wrap presents and throw a party for my fella.

This year, I got a little stay-puft and bought some adorable kawaii buttons on etsy with the intention of designing a cute card to go with them.

So,...that never happened. We can't all be this creative!

I then went to an art supply store in search of something. I walked in circles for a while and ended up getting a bunch of small white paper bags and some stamps. (For some reason stamps are really expensive. Unless they're in the $1 bin. Then they're $1. If they're in the stamping section? $7.99. What the WHAT?!)
When I picked out the stamping supplies, I did select a color palette. That usually makes me happy, instead of a red, yellow and blue free-for-all. So I chose teal and red.
Hartwell told me he had fun stamping! Beckett did about half then left to watch Little Einsteins.

After the stamping, the candy time began! I filled a bowl with kisses and hugs, (ha!) and let the boys count out 5 per bag. Both boys claimed to have never eaten a kiss. Sneaky geniuses!
For the buttons, I was afraid they would get mixed in to the chocolate and forgotten. Or worse, stab someone! So I pinned them all to a little piece of cardstock.
Then, instead of having a 4 and 5 year old sign their names as if it were a mortgage, I had them sign a piece of paper, photographed it and made stickers.
Helpful Hartwell folded down the bags and I cut out and stuck the stickers.
Hartwell signs his name with a heart! And a "V" for Valentine's day.
Okay, maybe I shouldn't say lazy. It took a lot longer and had more steps than I anticipated. But the boys really liked the project and it was perfect for their age! Plus, candy!

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Reba and Eldarose, sisters, friends and co-bloggers said...

I'm sorta in love with this project. It is everything a mom-child project should be. It encouraged your child's participation and creativity. They worked as part of a team to reach a goal and they got to observe their mom organizing and using critical thinking to achieve a goal.

Wish I could claim to have done something interesting for my daughter's classmates for VDay, but I just put stickers on $1 boxes of chocolates.

When I ask my daughter for help with crafts, quite often she loses interest very quickly which frustrates me so sometimes I pick something easy I can do myself. My husband has to remind me that the process is itself very important. We're working on painting her armoire right now. She is helping. I hope it comes out ok. LOL.

btw, I totally hear you about the price of stamps. CRAZY! The entire aisle for scrapbooking stamps is shockingly expensive imo.

Thx for sharing this project.