Swiss Mission

It all started with a bowl. Actually, it all started with one of the shops in my circle on etsy listing an item in this pattern. I think it was a dinner plate and I think it was $10. It's gone now, the listing, but I totally fell in love.

It was also way out of my price range. $10 for a plate?! That's $60 for 6 plates! Which means when the plate chips or breaks tears will be shed. A lot of tears.

A few weeks after searching and pricing the Swiss Alpine pattern on etsy, I found the bowl at a thrift store. It was kind of shocking to find something I had in the back of my mind sitting on a shelf. I thought it may be a midwestern pattern and that it would be difficult to find in California.

I showed John the pattern and told him I wanted it for our "everyday" dishes but it was kind of expensive. He liked it and I decided not to sell the bowl, but keep it for myself. (Which happens more than it should).

A couple of weeks after that, I was at the same thrift store and I found 5 dinner plates!
They were $2 each! As I grabbed them, a fellow thrifter said, "Those are cute!" I said, "I know!" and grabbed all of them. (I don't think she liked my response very much...)

I brought them home and washed them and put them on the shelf ready for chicken dinners and quesadillas.

The very next day, I drove to a completely different thrift store, still in Pasadena, and found 1 more dinner plate, 2 salad plates and 9 cup and saucer sets!
It was marked as $14 for the whole set and then I got an additional 30% off! Which ended up at $10! So for $20, I got enough dishes to start my collection. And I sent an email to my mom to keep her eyes open for the pattern in her antique perusing.

That score totally made my week. But I couldn't help but think, "Boots, you gotta start aiming higher!"

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Sarah said...

I love these dishes too. I have one serving piece but have been thinking about collecting them to use as our everyday dishes. BUT, my husband really want our everyday dishes to be microwaveable, and I have no idea if these would be (and I'm thinking most people probably don't risk it with vintage dishes, but who knows). Any ideas? Do you microwave yours at all?