Advent Calendar!

 I've had this idea for an advent calendar in the back of my mind for a while. Then yesterday, I was at Big Lots and I found 8 x 8 Christmas scrapbook paper for $3. $3?!

So I bought a couple packs and went to town folding. It's a pretty simple origami paper cup that I learned in third grade.

The numbers I found here. (If anyone wants to create some 1-2" numbers that are printable through etsy, I would totally buy them!) I just scaled it to fit my page and printed it on matte photo paper. Then cut them all out. Which was nuts. Hence the 1-2" idea. Then I just need a punch.

Here's how it looks hung up. There is NO light in that area, so photographing this was heinous. I hate using the flash.
Hartwell has already instructed me to fill them with candy. I don't think he's over Halloween yet.


Deborah Graff said...

Those turned out so great!

I don't mean to just be a banal cheerleader on here, but you're making such ridiculously cute stuff lately there's not much else to say. :)

David said...

That's the most original advent calendar I've ever seen. (And I'm an expert on advent calendars.) Seriously, this is a very adventageous calendar. You should come up with a new advent calendar for every day leading up to Christmas.

Munkeymind said...

This is too good, too creative, too fabulous... I can't keep up.