Trick or Treating!

It's their second year trick-or-treating and the first time they said both, "trick-or-treat!" and "thank you!" at the right times. Hartwell picked it right up, immediately yelling when the door was opened. Bee needed some prodding.

We went to Bungalow Heaven, a super cute area full of the most amazing little houses ever. So I got to look at architecture and the boys got some candy.

A lot of the houses had decorations, some with simple carved pumpkins, and one with an animatronic man with a bag on his head swinging from a tree. Like, pretty realistic creepy dead man. Not my favorite.

After every house, Hartwell tromped down the driveway and immediately grabbed Cousin Jessica's hand. And then would point to the next house and say, "Can we trick-or-treat there?"
I was worried they wouldn't want to go home, so I said, "Wanna go home now and eat your candy?"

Worked like a charm.

P.S. Earlier in the day:
Me: Hartwell, if you're sweet we can go trick-or-treating and get free candy...
Hartwell: I fink,...I want four candy.

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