And you can dance, for inspiration. Come on. I'm waiting...

 Trying to get back into the groove of making Christmas presents. My two rascally boys don't make it very easy.  We spent some time in the basement, with Bee somehow making it messier. And Hartwell demanding I help him with his video game.

I decided to make a little felt box out of my huge stash of recycled thrift store sweaters. It'll probably end up as a gift for someone. Mostly it was a test of my skills.

I think it would make a great vase with a glass tucked inside. The tutorial presented it as an office supply box. Full of pens and pencils.

It was driving me crazy, I was staring at it and went back and added one more flower.

Much Better.

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Deborah Graff said...

You are brilliant. It really did need that one extra flower.