Floor Fail!

This is the southwestern corner of my kitchen/house. It sits under a flat roof that leaks. Still leaks. Our new roof did not include fixing the FLAT PART THAT LEAKS!! Which makes about no sense. (We have plans to fix it ourselves since it's only 300 sqft).

There are about 4 boards that are dry rotted. And my awesome neighbor happened to have 4 pieces of vintage tongue and groove fir. Which is amazing!

I still need to pull up a few more places to make sure it's mostly intact. I've only seen the kitchen nook area. But it's got an asbestos layer and I should wait until my kids are away. So,...never.

My dad is gonna come at the end of August to help me take out the wall, take up the floor and sand and finish it. Plus, new stove! It's gonna be a good time!

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