I got your number on the wall.

For my birthday I received some new house numbers. Some awesome new house numbers! With most gifts I really love, they were put in a safe place where no one could touch them. Then a few weeks later, my MOMS Club hosted a summer safety seminar mostly discussing fire safety as we live in the foothills. The firefighters stated that the most important thing to do to be safe was to have visible house numbers. If they can't find your house, they can't help you.

Our biggest problem was lack of lighting for our house numbers. Plus, we have a "privacy hedge." Which I put in quotation marks because it looks more like really, really overgrown bushes. So we needed lighting, but didn't want to have to get an electrician.

John found a solar light at home depot that he's gonna install under the eave. And if you can't see the new numbers from the street, you must be blind.

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pandapanda said...

they look awesome - i love the green piece behind them