Hey, Bearing

I really want to remove this wall in my kitchen. It's a little archway into the kitchen nook. If we get rid of it we can have continuous counter top running from the stove all the way into the nook. And we could get a bigger stove and more storage and bigger kitchen. But we needed to figure out if it's a load bearing wall. My instincts say no. We have two walls that run the length and width of the house and my money's on them. I think that guy is decorative. But the internets tell me that the only way I'll know for sure is to get a structural engineer to check it out.

Since I was already destroying the walls, all before 8am, I decided to see what our floor is made of. Looks like redwood? Is that a flooring material? I hope it's another treasure. I asked my neighbor over to tell me what to do...

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