Lathe and plastered.

This is what a venti skinny iced vanilla latte gets you. If you have a project, buy me one and it'll get done.

The electrician came by today to move my switch and outlet so I can remove that wall. That super cute wall that keeps me from having any kind of flow. That and the fact that the fridge is in the hall. So I hammered away and vacuumed and swept and mopped. The worst part was removing the wire mesh that wrapped around corners. I was worried that any small amount would get caught on my kids. Which made me think of the nail that was in our hallway growing up and how I would tell my mom I always worried my eyelid was gonna catch on it. Did she move it? No. She just hung an angel on it every Christmas to taunt me.
This is a scale sketch of how that stove wall will look when the wall comes out:

I think I have to get a hood with cabinet instead of an awesome range hood that I want.

Now,...what color do I paint that wall?


Cameron Blazer said...

Holy crap, lady. I got a truck fulla venti lattes if you can make that kind of progress at me house!

Erzulimojo said...

Excited to see your progress . . . coffee is my fuel, too. I had bungalow in San Diego long ago with the lathe and plaster walls -- not easy to remove -- or replicate! Congrats . . . your father will, no doubt, be appreciative of how far you've gotten when he arrives. OH! Love the Captain and Tenille shot . . . spot on.