Big Restaurant right!

These cupcakes are the heart and soul of the latest entry from chefs and brothers Hartwell and Beckett Pollard. These superstar restauranteurs have turned the restaurant concept on its head by serving delicacies such as Egg Sauce and Cheese and Butter Tacos with Salt. Eating either is like eating delicious air.

The service by maitre d'hotel Hartwell Pollard was exceptional! He added the perfect amount of sugar sprinkles to my diet coke. And my square beignet was tasty.

I look forward to more envelope pushing by these incredible gastronomists.

Casual Dining (Chefs are shirtless)
Reservations are now being accepted. Visa/MC, No out of state checks accepted

Secret Diner Video available here.

*Cheese and Butter Tacos with Salt run a hefty $2,000,000

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Deborah Graff said...

The Shirtless Chefs! I love their new Food Network series!