Kolor Kismet

There I was, pinning away, looking for color inspiration for my house. My neighbor loves my colorful garage and when I showed her the taupe and sage window on the side of the house, I could tell I had let her down. Sad face. I had similar feelings about it, but this was the simplest solution. And I didn't want to start from scratch. And yet,...So I went looking for something else. Something perfect for our cottage bungalow.

I searched "aqua and gray" and found a few houses with gray and white and aqua. And then I found this fabric:

Instant love. The beige instead of white makes it less "NEW HOUSE COLORS" and more like it's always been that way. Like the khaki kind of grounds it and makes it less "fresh" and more "vintage," which is all I've ever wanted. And I won't have to clean as much.

I was showing John, who said, "I thought it was too good to be true," referring to the sage and beige that I painted one window.  He thought I had finally chosen and it wasn't obnoxious. As I stared at the fabric I had a feeling that I knew it.  But I could have just pinned it before, a common problem with Pinterest.  So I traced the original post and...AMAZING!

It was designed by Cameron Blazer. My cottage-industrialist friend who used to live UPSTAIRS from me when we lived in the valley. Like, I could knock on her door and watch the food network with her. And sometimes she had dinner parties where she made sushi from scratch. And we shopped together and inspired each other in many, many ways.

Of all the pins on pinterest, I pinned her fabric as an inspiration for my home. Looks like we can still inspire each other even with all those bloody states between us.

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Autumnal1 said...

Amazing story, amazing colors! I can't wait to see it!