Yesterday I charged up the reciprocating saw and chopped down some trees. See that thing in front of the window? That's the boys room and it blocks all sunlight that could peek through. Making their bedroom like a cave.

Also to the left of that is an overgrown oleander. Which I hate. So that came down too. Plants shouldn't mess with my lighting plans.

I wasn't sure John would be with me on the foliage removal. I told him and he didn't sound convinced. Usually it's because he can't picture it. So I just did it. I went to find the saw and  it took me awhile to find the battery and I thought, "John doesn't want to leave me alone with power tools!"

But, look!
Much better! My plan is to fill that little bed in with aloe vera plants. The green of the plant looks really pretty against the grey that will soon cover the house. And it's very architectural. And don't forget low maintenance.

You can also see the house numbers I painted,...which I will have to paint over soon.

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