Women Be Shoppin'

I have a new store on etsy! It's more like this place as it likes vintage and is called musebootsi!

After perusing my own collection, which needed thinning out, and trying to come up with a new project in my spare time (ha!) I decided to get a little crazy and sell some vintage delights!

So I squeezed all the info I could out of my friend, who has her own successful eBay shop. She's a genius! I'm going to see how it goes on etsy for now. 

My favorite part? I get to go shopping. All the time. Yay! Okay, not all the time. But enough.

I decided to only sell things I would put in my house, things I may not be able to part with. It'll be a lesson in letting go, fer sure.

Click over and check it out!

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