Birthday. Dough. Nuts.

For Beckett's birthday breakfast, I thought we'd do something fun and special so we made birthday doughnuts! Why, Hartwell, why? He poses like this on purpose because he thinks it's a good picture. Oh, and his shirt is on backwards. And Bee is wearing an eye patch. Nuts.

Remember how lazy I am? Here's how easy birthday doughnuts are to make. Also? I was so tired I didn't realize my lens was blurry:
Canola Oil 
Grands Refrigerated Biscuit Dough

Then we added:
Powdered Sugar + Milk
Maple Glaze
Powdered Sugar + Milk + Maple Syrup
Cinnamon Sugar
Duh + You Know
I stretched and slightly flattened each biscuit and then cut a small circle into each biscuit. Or Bee did, blurrily:
Then popped them into the hot oil. (They say 375 degrees, my oil was a bit too hot.  I think maybe medium low would be best if you don't have a thermometer thingy for the oil).
The doughnuts are pretty easy, just set them in the oil and turn them when they start getting brown. For the holes, I plopped all of them in and just kind of stirred them until they were a uniform color. Then I scooped them onto a cooling rack set inside a jelly roll pan. You could also use paper towels, but those are like currency around here.

Super Happy Doughnut Boy!
Super easy and pretty good flavor for biscuit doughnuts. I made a biscuit monkey bread recently and they tasted like biscuits with cinnamon and sugar. But these were pretty close to actual doughnuts. Which goes with the theory that everything tastes better fried!

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Deborah Graff said...

I want these for my birthday breakfast too.