Paint me baby, one more time.

So the house was Navajo White. With Aqua trim and taupe windows.

Then I painted it charcoal. Lovely:
John didn't like the dark charcoal. Sad face emoticon.

So I picked green, Saguaro to be exact:
My absolute favorite. Loved everything about it.

John didn't love that it makes the trees disappear. I have big plans to plant aloe in front of the window and it looks so blah now.

After a week of looking at the green, he wanted a gray. A lighter gray than the first. So I sighed heavily and went in search for a gray. John wanted a blue gray and I wanted a beige gray. Let the color arguements commence!

Luckily for me, John saw a "mushroom" colored house and loved it. By mushroom, he meant beige gray. So we tried Warm Stone:
Courtney FTW,...almost. 
Now the foliage doesn't disappear, I get to keep the aqua and John is happy the house isn't dark gray.
 I just need to keep him from looking at any other house. Ever.

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