Shelf-ish or More Stuff That Fits In My Car

I had an idea for a larger piece of furniture for this spot skipping around the back of my head for a while. No idea what I wanted. No clue where to look. Didn't even have dimensions memorized as I usually do. I just walked into the Goodwill and saw it and decided it would work.

I did measure at the store and then extrapolate the empty space since I knew all the other measurements. My living room is like space-window-window-window-space-door-space. I happen to know the window measurements and the end space and door measurements. So,...SUBTRACTION!

It looks good, though, right? For a $30 cabinet with doors that hide the games and puzzles. And mess.

But, wait! There's more!

You know how if you stand still in my house long enough you will be painted?

Well, that cabinet sat still.
I took off the back and painted it aqua! I love red and aqua! So happy!

I know it looks a little crazy with the green wall, but it's going to be painted butter yellow pretty soon. I swear!


Jason said...

Also love the red and aqua. Great find and improvement.

Deborah Graff said...

The aqua looks amazing! You are amazing! I'm going to come over one day and take a nap if you ever get a new fur blanket, and when I wake up I'll be painted too! yay!

Cameron Blazer said...

You are awesome. Aqua! Red! Memorization of measurements! Yes!