Beckett is a lover of all things lego. So for his 4th birthday we went to Legoland! Here he is at the Lego Volvo Driving School. Hartwell was bored and Bee was a terrible driver! I realized that Bee likes control. He is in full control of his body at all times. It does what he tells it to. But put him in a car and he freaks out and drives into a wall. (And there is NOTHING wrong with that. It happens, people!)

Here they are posing with their new drivers licenses! Right after Bee fell...
My biggest problem with Legoland are the crazy, random rules specific to each ride. Some are 4 and 36", some are 4 or at least 36". It was a pain in the butt to parse each sign down to whether or not Beckett could go on the ride. Luckily he was perfectly happy running through the sprinklers!
 Log ride!
Star Wars! Nice R2 Unit! Hartwell is really into posing like a nutcase/Barker's Beauty:
Bee meets his hero. And kisses him:
So I had to do this. I miniature effected Miniland.
While waiting for his big brother to go on a scary ride, Bee wanted me to photograph him.
Bee did NOT like the slide:
Meanwhile, Hartwell was tall enough to drive a boat by himself!
After Beckett was unceremoniously told he couldn't ride a ride, his dad bought him a knight outfit:
Which helped him vanquish his enemies:

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