Aqua Woman

I'm slowly starting to paint all the windows and trim at my house. Slowly because I just ran out of paint. And slowly because it takes me a day to prep and paint each window. Sanding and sanding and filling and sanding and taping and painting and sanding again. 
I think it's going to look amazing. But right now, it looks a little crazy. And I know the neighbors are all thinking, "That's...interesting..."

It doesn't help that I've ripped out all the plants. And that the trim is still that hideous rusty-brown.

Don't you think this window needs shutters? Maybe I can make some fake ones! Like zeeeeesse...

My snowball is getting bigger!

And I'm becoming a shutter-in. 

Look what I made! John is not a fan...

Okay, so I made it really fast and it looks crazy. If you step back and squint it looks A-MAZING!


pandapanda said...

nice job!
I am not sure about the shutters, it reminds me too much of our old house.
I did like the one with the planter box!

altadenahiker said...

The neighbors ARE impressed, and John will come around.