Color Addict

One thing I'm not afraid of is color. Not even a little. Even when a little fear might be a good thing.
Is it even possible to add more color to my kitchen?

Anycrap, that is reason  #467 that I love Disneyland. I can't stop looking at the color combinations! Like one of the cars on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was coral and orchid, which my brain would never put together, but looks amazing! And then, the teacups!
I want my backyard to look like that! All bright with lanterns and cups!

And this:
This might make the neighbors crazy, but it's all I want! Don't you love driving up your driveway around Christmas time? Your home covered with tiny lights looking so pretty and festive...

Maybe if they were up all the time, they'd lose their splendor, but maybe they'd make you endlessly happy! I guess we'll never know...

Also, I had to add a pic of my fireplace before the screen debacle. I got really tired of looking at my design mistake!
That yellow swath is the future room color. Someday...

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