Ollas for me!

While stumbling around the internet, I came across an article on ollas. (Pronounced oy-ya). "An ancient watering system that delivers water directly to the roots."

I became obsessed with them. Living in the high desert it's impossible to get enough water to my plants. The hot, hot sun evaporates whatever doesn't run off.

To use the olla, you bury it in the ground with the neck sticking out then fill with water. The terra cotta sweats the water into the soil and to the roots. Place a stone over the opening to keep bugs out and fill once a week!

Plus they're pretty!

The best part of all of this is that while searching, the video and the store where one can purchase the ollas is local! Like down the street!

If you're into gardening, check out their website:

Urban Homestead

Here's a link to purchase an olla:


Or make your own!

DIY Ollas!

We are in process of getting our garden ready to plant delicious heirloom tomatoes. So anything garden-ie right now is hittin' my sweet spot.

Also? Downton Abbey. That show just gets me.

(edited because "leaches" usually means takes away from soil. So I was saying, "the olla takes water away from the soil to the soil." It was crazy enough for me to note for you...)


Pasadena Adjacent said...

A gal who teaches sculpture at Pasadena City College, did a public art piece she involved her students in, using Ollas. The first time I ever came across them as pottery (although there is a cheap version of them - above ground milk containers- I saw often when I lived in East LA). You might want to see if you can find it on-line. Her name is Deena Capparelli

MuseBootsi said...

I found her project in the desert. So cool! They had a solar hook up for a watering timer! That would be amazing!