Rocket to the Max!

I finally finished this pillow. It's for Max. He had a birthday in July and I forgot his present when we flew to see Gramma. Since he has a freshly decorated bedroom, with sports and planets, I thought he would like this. Plus, according to his mother, he likes pillows.
It was sorta hard to make. The bottom didn't turn out as circular as I would have wanted and the wings are translucent enough to allow one to view the Nilla Wafer box used to stuff them.
I used this pattern and tutorial, and if I did it again I would leave a turn out space in the body of the ship and sew the bottom closed.
It was nice to see a project one can make for a boy. I wish there were more. But my boys play with rocks and sticks. And it's cheaper to just find those in the yard.


Robert D. Skeels said...

I wouldn't hit that sweet pillow with a stick though.

fgffhvhchddddgdddsgddsgdd said...

now will you please mail it?!?!?