A Tote By Any Other Name.

Every time I've been shopping in the last six month, Hartwell heads directly to any kind of bag/backpack/suitcase and proceeds to drag it around with him for the rest of the trip. The rolly suitcases are my favorite because as he wheels it behind him, he waves and says, "Bye, Mama! Bye!"
So I decided to make the boys bags to take with them when we go somewhere. I plan on filling them with these crayon holders and a small note book and other little toys for restaurants and stuff.
After spending a good hour trying to find "boy" fabric, I settled on the octopus and seahorse, from Heather Ross. I was even in downtown LA at Michael Levine! Who knew it would be so hard?
Anyway, Hartwell loved it, he likes it when you put it on his shoulder. Unfortunately, he called it a purse. In front of his father. Who replied, "Can we call it a tote?"
I think tote is worse.

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Robert D. Skeels said...

tote = more better > purse