She Knows the Muffin Man.

I had this brilliant idea in my head of the perfect homemade pillow for my sister's new house. It took me forever to get everything together. The front was fabric from the remnant bin, the back a sweater from the thrift store that I felted...sorta. I had to work up the courage to cut out the muffin shapes and then trust my handwriting enough to embroider it. Then I had to go all the way to downtown LA to get the trim.
After I finally got it together and sewed the stinkin' trim in place, I had to wait to mail it. And since it was a surprise, I couldn't tell my sister any of this. My sister to whom I speak every day.
This morning we were chatting, (I mailed the package on Wednesday and was wondering if she had received it yet), as she browsed Etsy. She found something she liked and emailed it to me. It was a frickin' art piece of three muffins with the word "Muffins" decoupaged underneath it.
I was so close.

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