"Technology is cyclical."

I still don't have cable in my bedroom. My little VCR setup makes me feel so old fashioned. "I have to rewind it," is a completely foreign phrase to Hartwell. And he's only 2!
I've taken to combing the thrift stores in search of VHS movies. It's actually quite hilarious. The movies for sale, I mean. I recently found super old Disney Videos. The graphics before the movie begins are awesome. And there's a message before Sleeping Beauty about how to adjust the tracking.
I also bought another Thomas video. If I have to watch Alec Baldwin eating carrots again, I'm gonna scream.
Most of the videos I've found are $2. I found the Thomas video at a consignment store for $3.50. Highway robbery! Especially since you can get Thomas DVDs for $6. But, supply and demand. I would've bought it if it was $5. And I think they know that.


phoodie said...

Last night we were making fun of Thomas. I thought Michael was over it, having been off the Thomas addiction for well over two years. I was wrong. Michael cried. We hurt Thomas's feelings.

Deborah Graff said...

Aigh. I wish I'd known. I just donated a huge sack full of video tapes. :(