Reduce, Reuse, Sleeping baby

I did it! I am finally an etsian! Not like the shopping kind. Like the selling kind. It's very exciting! I was finally able to get some stuff finished. I always have stuff that's almost finished that sits and stares at me and makes me feel bad. Which, not cool, crafts!

So here are some of the lovely things I threw together while waiting for Etsy to upload my scarf photos. It's very time consuming. And you have to come up with prices and shipping? I am not good about knowing my product worth. I always think, "How much would I pay?" But I'm a cheap bastard, so that never works.

(I am definitely laying off the coffee today. I am on full speed. And I still have to go to Starbucks. The obvious thing to do would be to order decaf. But when I'm there? With two wild babies? I think, "I'm gonna need more caffeine.")

So. The above items are basically made of sweaters I recycled and felted in the washing machine. Then needle felted with wool yarn to make the accents. And the mittens were finished with the blanket stitch. Needle Felting is amazing because it is so instantly gratifying. I think of something, poke it with a needle and TA-DA! Christmas tree!

I also included a picture of my sleeping baby. It was too hilarious to leave in my camera.



phoodie said...

He looks like a cat taking a nap in the sun, but with less fur on the table when he's done.

Hi, I'm Cameron Blazer. said...

Gahahahaha! Baby Bee! That is one of the best things ever.

Besides, of course, your newfound Etsy seller status.