This is where we do all of our living.

I was sweeping my living room floor last night and marveling at the number of cheerios and cheese crackers in the dustpan. And dog hair. I live in a day care kennel.

I made my neighbor come over and smell my house. Like a first impression smell before the playgroup came over. (I have the best neighbor ever). Unanimously dog. Stinky, stinky basset hound.

All this cereal covered stinkiness makes me long for a time before children and before sweeping the floor took three trips to the trash can. And I came upon this photo. I love it. It's like how my living room was supposed to look before I was storing toys in every crevice. And when we used the fireplace. Even with candles. Now there's a furni pad crammed up in the chimney because it has no damper. But we used to buy firewood! And had a fireplace accessory set! Nowadays I would be biding my time before I was hit upside the head with a dirty broom. And can you imagine the face of the kid who discovers the bellows?!

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I had a white couch. White. Now I have a dark brown, ultra-suede arch nemesis. And there's no going back.


Christine said...

Hey! Is the background to your blog the same as your fireplace mantel!? It's a tiny picture but it looks similar. Very cool (on both accounts!)


pandapanda said...

for a second I thought that was a present day photo and thought maybe you had gone mad in the middle of the night and cleaned! HAHAHA