And when the music starts I never wanna stop Its gonna drive me crazy

My husband and I were in Old Town Pasadena walking around with the kids. We decided to divide and conquer so I took the baby and wandered around the Crate and Barrel and he took the big one to run around outside. As Hartwell dilly-dallied down the street, a city bus pulled along him and stopped. The bus was full of people. The driver looked at Hartwell, who was in his own world, and yelled to my husband, "You need to get him a keyboard. A full size keyboard. He's gonna make you money." My husband kind of nodded and said thank you and then the bus driver added, "Not the little ones. A FULL SIZE keyboard!" Did I mention that the bus was full of people?

We've always thought that it would only help our kids if they have some musical knowledge. (And I have no problem forcing my boys into a band). We have a couple of guitars in the basement and Hartwell knows how to turn on the amp and get the music goin'. And when we visit Aunt Ninny, the boys attack the piano with such force that I always wished we had one. While simultaneously thanking the gods that we don't.

And then, the universe gave us one. An amazing friend needed to find a home for her piano and asked if we'd like to have it. We were so happy! Music everywhere!

It arrived yesterday and Hartwell sat sweetly at the keys and asked if he could play it. I thought,"Awww,...I can handle this!" Turns out it was a one time thing. Now there's nary a pause before "BANG! BANG! BANG!" But we love it. And I'm learning that multitasking in the presence of obnoxious piano banging can be done.

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Christine said...

I'm new to your blog via "feelin' stitchy"... what a nice read, you have a great sense of humour!

As for the piano, don't worry, you won't believe how quickly it will turn from bang bang bang to fur elise... :) I also hear playing music helps kids to be better with math? Didn't help me - haha!

I am also a Madonna fan. ;)

Merry Christmas!