So, so what? I made some doughnuts

I totally know my creative limitations. I don't try to pretend I'm an amazing seamstress. Most of what I know, I learned from Mrs. Kehl in 7th grade. (Do they even teach sewing in middle school anymore?) I mean, I've improved, and I can now make things in a few hours instead of the 3 weeks it took at Desert Shadows. But still, I know what I can do. And mostly it involves a straight stitch and no zippers. (I still have nightmares about zippers!)

After seeing the felt breakfast, a good friend mentioned how awesome it would be if I made doughnuts. Yes, it would be awesome. But a third dimension? Can't do it.

But the story she told was so funny and great that it was like a challenge I couldn't pass up. I had to make doughnuts for her kids. So I looked at some doughnuts online and figured out a pattern and went to work. The first one,...not so good. The hole in the middle was too big and it just looked kinda odd.

But I finally figured it out. And I was so excited, I drove over to my friend's house forced her into a playgroup just so I could give them to her.

So, friend, thanks for the challenge! And the playgroup! Next time we meet, though, I hope there are less kids and more booze.


phoodie said...

Si se puede!

pandapanda said...

so would my children, they love doughnuts!

Deborah Graff said...

So what was the funny story?

Stephanie Perkins said...

Hi, Courtney! I was so thrilled to find you on my blog this morning! And this is semi-crazy, because last night -- just last night -- I dreamed I sewed a doughnut. Pink felt strawberry frosting with bead sprinkles, of course.

I LOVE these. So cute!