Grandma Cuckoo

My mother lives near an amazing fabric store. And nothing else. Okay, the ocean, too, which is pretty awesome. And she has quite an addiction. To fabric. Which she passed on to me.
Yesterday, I received a box in the mail full of presents for the kids, (unwrapped, thanks mom!), and some fabric.

My mother told me to call her when I got it, to tell her I liked it. It was selected from the Courtney color palette that lives in my mother's head. I pulled the fabric out and thought, "She's mad!"

There were two fabrics and one was brown with flowers and the other was green with swirls. Neither of which was particularly "me."
She called and we chatted and I told her I liked it. It's pretty, I just didn't see what was so "Courtney style" about it.
Then, later, I showed my husband and I realized there was more fabric folded inside. TEN fabrics!

And together they look awesome! I totally see me in there!

So now I need to call my mom and tell her that
a. I'm a dork and b. she's awesome

And? If anyone wants to tell me what I should do with all this, I'd love to hear it!!
Quilts, no. We have too many over here. But what else?

P.S. One time, I taught Hartwell that my mom's name was Grandma Cuckoo. It was pretty funny.


Laurie said...

How about some placemats or some pillow covers?

MuseBootsi said...

I've been trying to think of a wedding gift and placemats are genius!