Drawing with Alligators

A few years ago John brought home the leftover chalkboard paint from a job. I'd always wanted to paint a chalkboard so I taped off this crazy wall and went for it. We used it all the time. The top corners both had the date the boys took their first step. I had some issues with it, it wasn't proportionate to the doors below and it was green! This was before the black was everywhere, and waaaay before the great colors.

My neighbor, Norm, had an entire wall in his boys room painted black chalkboard and it looked awesome. I asked him if he liked it or if he would change it and he said that he loves it and he can draw things when he reads them books at night.

I went to his memorial service a couple of weeks ago and was reminded of how awesome his chalkboards were. He was an art professor and also had them in his backyard office. And they were full of ideas and sketches. I was also reminded that life is random and short. And what am I waiting for?

So I painted it black, and put new handles on it.
 It makes me happy. Especially when it's full of color.
And alligators. Number one request is," Mom? Can you draw a alligator with a bird on it."

I have more projects and I'm diving in. Why wait to be surrounded by things that make us happy?

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Deborah Graff said...

One of your best posts ever. Can't wait to come over and draw some alligators with you.