Thursday, April 15, 2010

Porch Song Trilogy

I finally finished spray painting the table. I bought a crazy aqua color from Michaels and I think it must've been "art" paint. One can covered about 1/4 of the table. And it was $6.99 a can. So, to finish, I went to the hardware store and found a sea glass green for $4/can and one can covered 3/4 of the table. Including painting over the other color. American Accents. Good stuff.

I think I may have breathed too much of the paint. I'm a little off right now. I need to go dog face to the banana patch! Good Morning.


Deborah Graff said...

Oh, so pretty! I want to sit there and drink an iced tea while I wait for you to finish getting ready and come out the front door because we're going somewhere fun together.

pandapanda said...

i don't think it is the paint...

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