"I'm gonna have a relationship with that thing."

This photo was taken over Christmas in my sister-in-laws backyard. She had just finished filming an episode of Turf War, a show that pits two neighbors against each other, with a contractor, to see who ends up with the best backyard. Full episode available here.

Lynn was hilarious, as always*, and her backyard is incredible. That tub has hot and cold running water! They also installed a gas fire pit and a bar.

The colors of her backyard alone make it worth a viewing. Incredibly rich, bright fuchsias and peacock blues with the green of the landscape make you want to curl up with that fire pit and have a giant cocktail from the bar. They also designed an enormous movie screen upon which a movie can be projected. Appropriate because Uncle Mike is a cinematographer.

The other yard also got an incredible makeover. But instead of landscaping and color, they got a giant pergola with an amazing outdoor kitchen. Super fancy, but no match for the wabi-sabi loviness of Lynn's yard.

Check out the video, if only to hear Lynn say hilarious things!

Also? Check out Lynn's website! She makes great things!

*She coined two of my favorite sayings: "Walking Nap" and "Friends Hat." If I explain them, they aren't as funny. Except that "walking nap" came up when discussing Edward Burns. Which is funny no matter what.


MoMo said...

A fabulous paean to Lynn and her also fabulous back yard. You should see "that thing" -- it has sprouted a nine-foot stem in the middle which makes her "relationship" with it suspect.Maybe it's trying to see something in the fabulous blue tub.

MuseBootsi said...