Painting with Alligators

We have this crazy structure that is supposed to keep rain out of the basement. It works, but it's ugly. And, turns out, termite food.
John wanted to replace the post which meant that it needed to be painted which meant I could paint it! Green!
First, John removed the jasmine. He unhooked it and leaned it over so we could put it back after painting. Once it was removed, he discovered this:
An alligator lizard who had set up house in the corner of the structure. With baby! I'd found some of her shedded skin in the yard. Which was creepy. 

New post! (Where the blogger and home improvement worlds collide).
John also replaced two other pieces of wood and removed the top before I started painting. I primed and puttied and even painted the house and trim again.
While I was waiting for some pieces to go in, Bee discovered my brush:
After a few hours painting and securing the structure, and the dumping of a five gallon bucket of paint, (thanks, Bee!), we put the top on.
The finished product:
John just needs to reattach the jasmine. And I need a bath. I climbed all over that structure and gerrymandered myself in order to paint it. I also cleaned up that insane paint spill. Insane. Paint. Spill.


Cameron Blazer said...

Although I will probably be traumatized for life from that picture (you know the one I'm talking about), I am trying to focus on how spectaculawesome your re-do looks. Such a simple thing, but such an improvement. Yay, you!

phoodie said...

Gorgeous! It makes me want to drink a margarita in your back yard.

MuseBootsi said...

Just need a sea, mamacita.

Munkeymind said...

Awesome job!! And, it's not a party till something gets spilled...