Thursday, April 22, 2010


The tile I ordered came in and I picked it up! I was remembering it redder and regretting my decision. So I was very happy when it was more of a brick red. It's cement, so they color it and mold it. So it could have been hyper red. But no!

The lady who helped me told me it would be better installed vertically rather than how I laid it out above. But she can stuff her sorry's in a sack 'cause I like it horizontal! So there, tile lady!
Now I just have to pick the grout color. I'm sure that won't take long at all...

Also? Bee is an excellent photo stylist.


Stacy said...

I like it.

Autumnal1 said...

I also like it.

Julie said...

I absolutely LOVE these! Would be so happy to get them for my home, could you share where you found them at?

MuseBootsi said...

Julie! I found the tiles at Mission Tile West in Pasadena, CA. They are cement made to look terra cotta.
MTW is really helpful and they ship all over. If you were to call them they might be able to help you. (I found them in their showroom, so I have no idea who manufactures them). is their website.

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