Hams and Eggs

 What will get me to type on the blog again? A holiday. A fertility holiday. Eggs and bunnies. And spring break and a clean backyard.
Saturday morning before Easter the boys set about coloring their eggs. Out of 24 eggs, about half remained unbroken and were beautifully dyed and stickered. As were my hands. And all the paper towels. Beckett hands remained dyed a sickly blue, which he loved because zombies.

Easter morning Uncle Bunny and Aunt Mimi stopped by! They were in town because their web series Dark Pool was nominated for an award! Here they are all hunting for eggs!
Hartwell looking like the teenager he acts like:
Beckett looking his age:
And the backyard finally cleaned up for company. We should probably have people over more often, it's the only reason we clean our house anymore.
And for the big finish...the Easter bunny brought the boys a mentos/diet coke geyser dispenser holder thing...
Pretty sure it was their favorite thing ever! Mostly because the Easter Bunny may have just watched a Colbert Report episode with the anti-sugar pediatrician and had very little candy for the kids. It was mostly small change and toys...

At that point, just watching sugar is exciting!

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elenareviews said...

You had a beautiful Easter quality time!