Project Redecorate: Autumn's Dining Room

My friend Autumn is pretty awesome. I basically texted her this morning and forced her to send me a pic of her dining room so I could redecorate it just for fun/for the blog. And she did it! That's a good friend. Anyone who lets a crazy person redecorate a room, that you have already decorated, is pretty cool.

Here is Autumn's dining room right now:
She has a great dining table and the shelving units in the room totally work. Her paint color, a pretty, creamy candlelight, is perfect. And I know that it's one of her favorite things about this room.

It also has a lot of doors. There is the sliding glass door, a bedroom door and an opening into the kitchen. As well as the giant opening into the living room. I'm going to do something completely crazy and get rid of one of the doors. Since they rarely use the sliding glass door, I thought I'd put a sideboard right in front of it. This one, from Ikea:
There are two choices to make with the placement, we could center the sideboard and adjust the curtains to make the window look like it's in the center of the room. Or we could keep the asymmetry and add the sideboard centered on the window, keeping the wine storage tower where it is as a bar area.

Then behind it, we could add some drapery:

The color says midnight, but it's more of a pretty indigo.

For the floor, I found a cool texture in a neutral beige:
It's easy to clean and it can be installed in a checkerboard pattern.

For the lighting above the dining table, I found yet another natural fiber situation:
It's actually pretty big. Twenty-two inches in diameter. But it will be impressive and look great against either the window or the closed drapery.

Because the sideboard adds a ton of storage, this shelf can be used as simply an art station for Autumn's two delicious girls, as well as cookbook storage.
I had added a wire mesh shelving unit with red paper file holders from The Container Store, but I like her shelf better.  And the gorgeous Napoli poster can go on the wall  with the candle holder.

I also found this poster, that I love, and could also work for Autumn:
An Italian poster of To Catch a Thief!

Also, if you look at the pic above, you see another door. I got rid of one door by putting furniture in front of it. For this one, I think we can add that white mirror from the design board. It will make the door look like a French door and also make it look like it opens outside while also helping bounce light around and making the room look bigger! That's a hard working mirror!

For accents around the room, I think pretty vases and framed kids art will look perfect. Maybe a tray for the sideboard or a fantastic pitcher.

Mirror: $298 (yikes!)

So, aside from the one thing that I found at Olioboard, everything was pretty affordable! And I had fun trying to find the most perfect thing!

Now comes the part where we explain to everyone that they cannot use the sliding glass door anymore...

Edited to add this poster to the design as I just found out her family is from this region:

Autumn's Dining Room olioboard


Autumnal1 said...

There is so much to love! Most of all right now, that Salerno poster is so dreamy. My great grandfather sailed from Salerno to come to America. You've nailed the romance! And the curtains. You nailed those, too. I may need them and soon. As for the glass door, it's getting nervous because I can't stop eyeballing it...

MuseBootsi said...

It was so fun to decorate a room for/with you! Mostly because I couldn't wait to surprise you with the great posters I found...and also because I looooove Danish Modern but my house is Norwegian Chaos...