Project Redocorate: April and Matt's Office Bathroom


If you've never met a Disney Princess in real life, I imagine my friend April would be a pretty close representation. As in, I think cartoon birds braid her hair in the morning and even her facebook messages smile at you from the computer screen. She's an all around delight and she offered her husband's bathroom at his Chiropractic Practice to be redecorated.

And here it is:
With a bathroom like this, there's not much one can do. It's ADA compliant and adding a beaded curtain and twinkle lights would probably not comply. There needs to be enough space around the toilet and most of the items installed are there forever. Except for the Lack table and the tiny tree. I think they can go...

Since my friend is a Disney Princess, it wasn't hard to find inspiration. On the design questionnaire, she asked that the space be, "Elegant, clean, warm, tidy but inviting and classy." Which, for some reason made me think of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel:
That's the lobby. And it's gorgeous. And cartoon birds deliver your luggage. With that in mind I set to work finding the items to make the space more functional.

First, paint color. I love a good, rich green. And this one suits a craftsman style but it's a little more playful:
Jadite by Sherwin Williams.

Next I wanted to add some warm browns to the mix. And I found this shelf from the Threshold collection at Target.
It was designed to hold these Threshold baskets:
And I would only get three. Then the shelf has some open space so it doesn't loom over the toilet like a giant shelf monster. The baskets can hold the cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper..
To soften the very rectangular shelf up a bit, I added a table runner to the top. This one is a little too wide for the 14" deep shelf, but any fabric would work.
It's from World Market and it's 16" wide. I say cut off the sides and iron the edge under! Live dangerously!
Another function the bathroom needed was a place to hang purses or jackets whilst one avails himself or herself of the necessary. Sticking to my Disney/Craftsman/Nature/ inspiration, I found these amazing beetle and ant hooks at World Market:
Metal and a little rusted these will look great next to the wall color and bookcase.

Now the hard part of this design comes in. The artwork. What does one put in a bathroom that is both inoffensive and yet has some kind of link or meaning to the client? I think I solved it.

April and her husband lived in Northern California when we reconnected on facebook. They have since moved back to Arizona, (where I went to high school with April!). And I asked her where she went on her honeymoon...Monterey! Combine all these things, shake them in a jar and you get....Ansel Adams. I know. It does seem a little boring. BUT! He was an impeccable photographer! And he was from San Francisco. He was in the great earthquake of 1906! And the photos are both Zen and beautiful!
I selected three, for very specific reasons:
Oak Tree - It is gorgeous and representative of his work.
Birds on a Beach - taken in the Monterey Peninsula
Canyon de Chelly - Full circle, back to Arizona.
For the rest of the tchotchkes, keep your eyes peeled for things at Target. Maybe something air freshener-ie? Like those reed things or the jar of beads that smells good. (Time to get practical about bathrooms!) I chose a plant, a candle, a vase, a frame...but that's totally up to you!
Sherwin Williams - Jadite (Feel free to go darker or lighter. It's better to look at swatches in the space)
Poster Frames - $12-$30 each
April, I hope this is what you guys were looking for. And feel free to use this design as your own inspiration to help you figure out what you want! If I were there I would totally paint the wall for you and set everything up...but it's a long commute...
Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go pee...too much potty talk around here... 

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ahoopla said...

Yay!!! Awesome, Courtney! We love the shelf/basket look. Also really like the green color. I've always been a fan of Ansel Adams as well. We already have one tree picture in the office (made out of hands, creepy but goes well with the ideas of chiropractic and healing hands!) Thank you for your time and the love and talent you put into this. You are amazing. Oh! And now that I've been called a Disney Princess, my life is complete! :)